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We get most of our piglets from local Amish farmers who keep a few sows as part of their small mixed farms. They are not certified but they are definitely local. Once they arrive on our farm the pigs are fed certified organic feed and get to go outside and are fed lots of additional greens and weeds from the garden. They have lots of space to root and carry on as pigs love to do. Last year we also got some certified organic Berkshire piglets which met with customer enthusiasm so we will be raising a limited number of them again this year. The Berkshire are a heritage breed.

We have them butchered at Green's Meat Market which is a local family owned provincially inspected facility that is only 18 km from our farm which makes for low stress travel. We think Green's do a great job on their cutting and curing. We think it tastes great and that is what we hear from our customers too.
These are our standard cutting instructions for pork:
Roasts - 4 lb
Pork Chops - 5/8 inch thick - Bulk Pack
Shoulder - Roast Bone In
Side Pork - Cured for Bacon
(sliced and bulk packed in box)
Ribs - cut for Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
Pork Hocks - into sausage
Sausage - 1" Plain (1 lb bags)
Hams - Cured (4 lb roasts)
Information is up-to-date: 30.03.2011

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